update logo‘We fight the same battles over and over again. They are never won for eternity, but in theprocess of struggling together, in community, we learn how to glimpse new possibilities that otherwise would never have become apparent to us, and in the process we expand and enlarge our very notion of freedom’ – Angela Y Davis

About Sites of Resistance

Sites of Resistance emerged from the research and teaching of a small group of staff working out of the Sociology department at Manchester Metropolitan University. Our collective work takes as a starting point that constructs of ‘crime’ and the process of criminalisation should be subject to academic and political challenge.  In recognising that responses to ‘crime’ are disproportionately experienced, the strategies underpinning our research specifically acknowledges the interplay of structural relations such as race, gender, class, age and sexuality.

Our concern is that research informed responses to challenge these issues are too often met with silence, the suppression of dissenting voices and the continuity of destructive policies and practices which further marginalise particular groups. It is necessary then for research to be interventionist, knowledge must be active in seeking to not only expose but also to disrupt, towards change. These ambitions can only be realised when researchers, campaigners, activists, and community or policy work is located and responsive to the community.

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