Past Event: Resisting Criminalisation Launch of RCC Sites of Resistance

The Sites of Resistance ‘Resisting Criminalisation’ event held at MMU on 25th March 2015.The ‘Sites of Resistance’ day launched the Resisting ‘Crime’ and Criminalisation (RCC) group that Kathryn Chadwick, Becky Clarke and Patrick Williams have established.

It is our view that constructs of ‘crime’ and the process of criminalisation should be subject to academic and political challenge.  Yet we know that definitions of ‘crime’ and the state’s response to the ‘crime’ problem continue to have a disproportionate impact within particular communities.

The event successfully brought together VCS organisations, activists, students and academics to consider ways in which we can collaborate to realise collective aims.  The challenge for the day was to build a critical voice to support and empower local and national communities, organisations and campaigns which strive to alleviate the harmful effects of discriminations and inequalities in the process of criminalisation.

Speakers  who delivered keynotes discussing the role of critical research in uncovering truth,prison and police reform and abolition and the relationship between research and activism include:

–          Professor Phil Scraton (Queen’s Belfast University)

–          Professor Joe Sim (Liverpool John Moores University)

–          Dr Kate Cook (Manchester Metropolitan University)

–          Dr Stephanie Daza (Manchester Metropolitan University)

–          Dr David Scott (Liverpool John Moores University)

–          Professor Tim Hope (University of Salford) and Dr Waqas Tufail (University of Liverpool).

Download the Power Points from the Speakers here

David Scott Final Against criminal injustice for social justice

Julie Hodson_Project Notes_Good Practice Exchange

Kate Cook Resisiting Ignorance slides only (1)

Tim Institutionalised suspicion

Waqas The State of Policing – Radical Alternatives

Download Phil Scraton Talk/Powerpoint live streamed from the Event

Importantly, the event provided a space for campaigning organisations to engage other activists, students and academics in realising their goals, through both stalls and ‘campaigners corner’. Campaign groups include:

–          Inquest

–          omeWomen in Prison

–          JENGbA

–          Greater Manchester BMERT

–          Stop Watch

–          Institute for Race Relations

–          Reclaim Justice Network

–          Northern Police Monitoring

–          Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

The site of resistance also features images of resistance, music and spoken word.

Comments from the Event

The day was Inspirational in so many ways, this cannot be a one off event! Positive feedback from everyone I spoke to.

Yesterday I attended the ‘Sitesof Resistance: Resisting Criminalisation’ event at MMU.  The day was a great success and I felt compelled to get in touch to extend my congratulations to the Department of The speakers – both academics and activists – were of an exceptionally high standard and the hospitality extended to delegates was superb.  Moreover, the organisation of the event was very professional indeed.  After the event I spoke to numerous colleagues from different institutions who were of the same opinion.  

I just wanted to thank you, and your colleagues, for organising such an excellent event. Much of what was discussed resonated strongly with my own research and feel thoroughly inspired to continue writing up my findings and definitely got me to thinking about how I may be able to disseminate my findings beyond academia (and the importance of doing so).