Past Event: Sites of Resistance ‘Speaking Truth to Power’

This session considered the role of the documentary film maker in supporting challenges against injustice. The session included the screening and discussion of recent documentaries which reveal the criminalisation of certain communities, and instances of injustice by the State. This discussion is connected to the ongoing work of academics in the MMU Sociology department focussed on Joint Enterprise laws and the Hillsborough tragedy.

Sites of Resistance were joined by Daniel Gordon and Anton Califarno explaining their journey of making a documentary film and the effect this had on the campaigns. In the audience we were also joined by campaign members and their experience working with the film makers.


Daniel Gordon, Director and Producer of ‘Hillsborough’. An in-depth, moving account of Britain’s worst sporting disaster, in which 96 men, women and children were killed, hundreds injured and thousands traumatised.

You can view a trailer of the 2016 Hillsborough documentary here…

Anton Califano, Director of ‘Killing the Law’ is a feature documentary which follows a 5-year campaign led by women to change the law & free their children from prison.

You can view some clips from the forthcoming documentary on the Joint Enterprise doctrine, Killing the Law, here…

You can keep up to date with the progress and support the production of ‘Killing the Law’ by following Movements in Media on twitter.

To follow the Campaign visit JENGbA’s Website or follow them on Twitter.

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