Conveners of the SoR project

Kathryn Chadwick is a Principal Lecturer in the Sociology Department at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her main areas of research and publication focus on gendered processes of criminalisation and punishment, challenging state injustice, penology and the theoretical imperatives of critical criminology.

Becky Clarke is a Senior Lecturer in the Sociology Department at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research interests include the gendered and racialised experiences of penal and welfare policies, processes of ‘othering’ and criminalisation, and the construction of knowledge (and ignorance).

Patrick Williams is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the Manchester Metropolitan University. His research interests include the disproportionate and dehumanising effects of criminal and social regulation with a particular focus upon racialised individuals, groups and communities.


The Sites of Resistance project and our aims outlined in our home page inevitably require a collective effort and the linking of ideas and action. We therefore work with a range of individuals and campaign organisations. The people who have contributed to events and projects are listed here so that you can find out something more about them.

The activist work they are associated with is captured on the campaigns page, we would encourage you to take a look and get involved.


PEOPLE involved in our events so far


Adam Elliot-Cooper 

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Anton Califano

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Daniel Gordon

Dr david Scott

David Scott

Joe Sim


Joanna Gilmore 

Kate Cook

Kate Cook

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Nadia Bennett

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Phil Scraton

Sarah Lamble

Shiloh Minot


Stephanie Daza



Steve Tombs 



Tanzil Choudhury



Temi Mwale


Tim Hope

Tim Hope


Waqas Tufail