‘It is certain, in any case, that ignorance allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have’

James Baldwin

As researchers, we share a responsibility to expose, resist and alleviate injustice, in particular that which manifests in gross social, economic and political inequalities resulting in mass criminalisation and imprisonment.

Our work is motivated by the potential of interjecting into public debates that may impact on legislation and policy, and therefore on the lives of those individuals and communities experiencing injustice, with interventionist research which is united in a “commitment to demystifying and exposing the workings of State power in its institutional forms…” (Sim et al, 1987: 10).

We are individually and collectively involved in a range of research projects, some of our recent work is captured here.

Battling with a Care-less Process

Adult care leaver experiences of accessing records of time in care. A report published by the Care Leavers Association (November 2017)



 Dangerous Associations Report: Joint Enterprise, Gangs and Racism

Are joint enterprise convictions racially motivated?

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Hillsborough: Truth, Justice, Accountability and Acknowledgment


42nd St We Tell You Project

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A peer-led research study to explore young people’s perceptions of mental wellbeing and the racialised barriers that inhibit engagement with mental health services in Manchester.

The Triangle Project


Commissioned by Women in Prison this project evaluated the national Big Lottery funded Triangle project which delivered advice, guidance and counselling to women across the 13 women’s prison in England and Wales.

Voices of Survivors: Hearing Women, For a Change’

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 16.25.58.pngIn partnership with Dr Kate Cook from MMU law dept and local services Manchester Action on Street Health, Manchester Rape Crisis and Trafford Rape Crisis. This project, funded by the Lloyds Foundation and launched in summer 2017, is seeking to draw on the diverse voices of women who have survived sexual violence to influence future commissioning of services for women in Greater Manchester.

The BME Roundtable


BMERt a collective of community-based organisation concerned to resist and challenge the discriminatory and harmful nature of social and criminal interventions.

Twitter: BME_rt

More about the CLA AtR Project and Report